This is my portfolio of selected works, mostly from University studies but also some professional works.


I have practiced industrial design since my bachelors studies that I finished in 2010 in Estonian Academy of Arts. After working for some years as an industrial designer I continued my studies at Master level at Umeå Institute of Design.

Feel free to contact me. I am always open to new challenges. 

Location - Currently based in Tallinn, Estonia

Location - Currently based in Umeå, Sweden


Seio Ltd 2019 - ...

Seio OÜ is a full-service industrial design company that helps businesses transform their ideas into beautiful, distinctive, sustainable, and profitable products. Through close collaboration with clients from diverse industries, we understand their specific needs and develop innovative solutions that exceed expectations. Our comprehensive range of services spans from concept development to prototyping and production, ensuring the highest quality products and services at competitive prices. Seio OÜ is your trusted partner in product development, guiding you from concept to market.

Ten Twelve Ltd 2014 - 2019

Working from client acquisition through ideation and manufacturing. Average
year for me was 2-3 launched products. Mainly developing and organizing manufacturing for consumer electronics. Ten Twelve is currently most active industrial design bureau in Estonia.

Estonian Academy of Arts 2017-2018

Teaching students on design tools that enable idea generation and on how to break thought patterns. Half year course. Leading the project class.

Shaka Ltd. 2010-2014

Startup founded while I was in the last year of my bachelor studies. First products were shipped out in 2013. I mainly worked on physical products, app design, web platform design, manufacturing etc. Shaka was a Start-up where I was one of the founders. Company developed and produced weather sensors for mobile smart devices. Techcrunch  article >>

Tallink Group 2010-2013

On-line platform development, designing media and packaging. Worked in an inhouse team of 20 people.Tallink is the leading European ferry operator offering mini-cruise and transport services in the Baltic Sea region.


Bruno Design Award - winner 2014

Award for work with Shaka weather station. 

Bruno is the Estonian design biennial award named after Bruno Tomberg, founder of design education in Estonia.

Red Dot Design Award - winner 2021

Award for product UKU designed for HUUM.

Red Dot Design Award - winner 2021

Award for product Cliff designed for HUUM.

IF Design Award - winner 2021

Awarded for concept product Sova done for Getinge

Core 77 Talent Award - winner 2021

Awarded for concept product Sova done for Getinge

Golden Seed Award - winner 2021

Awarded for circular product design concept Zero, done for Electrolux


Skill set

Design for Manufacturing - 8 years of experience of bringing ideas into manufacturing. Using mainly SolidWorks for CAD work. Also Fusion 360, Meshmixer and Rhino.

Project management - No project gets done alone. I am comfortable using tools like 10,000ft, Toggle and Asana as a designer or project manager.

Productivity tools - MS Excel for analyzing data, Miro for enchanced collaboration. Google Forms for gathering input in projects.

Prototyping  - Rapid prototyping tools that are set up in my studio are FDM
3D printer, CNC mill ( High-z ). Also no project with any tactile values gets done
without Manual Skills.

Graphic Design - Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign and
Keyshot for rendering. Premiere and After Effects for video sketching.

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