This is my portfolio of selected works, mostly from University studies but also some professional works.


I have practiced industrial design since my bachelors studies that I finished in 2010 in Estonian Academy of Arts. After working for some years as an industrial designer I continued my studies at Master level at Umeå Institute of Design.

Feel free to contact me. I am always open to new challenges. 

Location - Currently based in Umeå, Sweden


Ten Twelve Ltd 2014 - 2019

Working from client acquisition through ideation and manufacturing. Average
year for me was 2-3 launched products. Mainly developing and organizing manufacturing for consumer electronics. Ten Twelve is currently most active industrial design bureau in Estonia.

Estonian Academy of Arts 2017-2018

Teaching students on design tools that enable idea generation and on how to break thought patterns. Half year course. Leading the project class.

Shaka Ltd. 2010-2014

Startup founded while I was in the last year of my bachelor studies. First products were shipped out in 2013. I mainly worked on physical products, app design, web platform design, manufacturing etc. Shaka was a Start-up where I was one of the founders. Company developed and produced weather sensors for mobile smart devices. Techcrunch  article >>

Tallink Group 2010-2013

On-line platform development, designing media and packaging. Worked in an inhouse team of 20 people.Tallink is the leading European ferry operator offering mini-cruise and transport services in the Baltic Sea region.


Bruno Design Award - winner 2014

Award for work with Shaka weather station. 

Bruno is the Estonian design biennial award named after Bruno Tomberg, founder of design education in Estonia.

Red Dot Design Award - winner 2021

Award for product UKU designed for HUUM.

Red Dot Design Award - winner 2021

Award for product Cliff designed for HUUM.

IF Design Award - winner 2021

Awarded for concept product Sova done for Getinge

Core 77 Talent Award - winner 2021

Awarded for concept product Sova done for Getinge

Golden Seed Award - winner 2021

Awarded for circular product design concept Zero, done for Electrolux


Skill set

Design for Manufacturing - 8 years of experience of bringing ideas into manufacturing. Using mainly SolidWorks for CAD work. Also Fusion 360, Meshmixer and Rhino.

Project management - No project gets done alone. I am comfortable using tools like 10,000ft, Toggle and Asana as a designer or project manager.

Productivity tools - MS Excel for analyzing data, Miro for enchanced collaboration. Google Forms for gathering input in projects.

Prototyping  - Rapid prototyping tools that are set up in my studio are FDM
3D printer, CNC mill ( High-z ). Also no project with any tactile values gets done
without Manual Skills.

Graphic Design - Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign and
Keyshot for rendering. Premiere and After Effects for video sketching.

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