Research project:

Sound in Industrial Design

TIME: 2020, 14 days
GROUP: Anna M. Puchalska, Regina Gensinger,
Mihkel Güsson 

PROJECT GOAL: Study the field of sonic interaction and find a use-case for sound first product experience to research for opportunities.

Opportunity area

Meditation is a very popular practice that is being used to train attention and awareness. Though meditation is used to achieve a mentally clear, emotionally calm and stable state, many use smartphone aplications to guide their meditation sessions. Interviewing local practitioners we outlined a potential problem that smartphones might have a potential to ruin the effects of meditations. 





We set out to look around in the practice of meditation in order to find some product opportunity. At the beginning of this project we felt there cant be anything to be done because meditation practice has been around for thousands of years.

After taking part in local group meditation sessions and use of meditation aplications available we discovered a great potential.  Smartphone are used even by experienced coaches to keep time during meditation. Smartphones are a creat source of distraction and will easily ruin the meditation session. So we set a question for our team: How might we enable users to have a guided meditation sessions without any unnessesary distractions?

We tested on different people who had practiced meditation to figure out the artifact, its shape and how to interact with it.


Ovo is a product that helps users to have guided meditation sessions. For novice meditators it will provide necessary guidance and for professionals it cater screen free meditation time. It is built for digital detox, that will help you to build your mental armor.


Gesture: Confirmation and start of the meditation


Gesture: Choosing the mode


Gesture: Waking up OVO


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